Global economic trends: how are these shaping cooperative strategic business decisions?
Capitalization: what can be done to increase access to equity capital? 
Domestic policy: how will the Farm Bill and energy policies be affected?  
Technology: how can integrated data analysis boost both co-op and on-farm productivity and efficiency?
Consumer-driven markets: what are the trends and how will they affect production agricultural practices?

Be a part of the 16th Annual Farmer Cooperatives Conference, where top-notch, thoughtful analysis of these cutting-edge issues will give you and your colleagues the tools to better manage and lead your cooperative into the future.

Organized by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, the Farmer Cooperatives Conference provides a forum for cooperative directors, managers, and those doing business with agricultural cooperatives to learn and exchange ideas with policy, research, and legal experts about issues currently affecting the agricultural cooperative community.

The program is developed by a national planning committee with diverse backgrounds and expertise from the cooperative agribusiness and academic sectors.

The Farmer Cooperatives Conference is made possible through the strong support of leaders in the agricultural cooperative sector. We appreciate their commitment.

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We look forward to seeing you in November.