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City of Madison Cooperative Development Initiative

The City of Madison approved a $3 million capital expenditure to support cooperative development over the next five years. UWCC staff, along with Madison’s cooperative community and the labor movement, is assisting City staff to develop a program which would then be approved before implementation in 2016. The program will likely provide business analysis and support for cooperative start-ups, assistance with conversions to employee-owned businesses, and may include lending programs. This is an exciting opportunity for Madison to support job creation and group entrepreneurship through an innovative economic development programs that creates locally-owned businesses. 

More information:

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Madison Co-op Initiative Meeting Notes from June 29, 2015 - Madison cooperators met with Ruth Rohlich from the City of Madison for an update on this initiative.
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Local Government Support for Cooperatives - brief report highlighting US cities that are supporting cooperative development that includes information on the City of Madison initiative.

Stay tuned for more updates!