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Cooperative Network and the UWCC Awarded RCDG Grant to Continue Supporting New Cooperative Businesses

UWCC and Cooperative Network were recently awarded $175,000 to continue providing technical assistance and counsel to existing cooperatives and groups interested in forming new cooperative businesses in the Upper Midwest. Through the Great Lakes Cooperative Center, UWCC will work with co-ops from all sectors with a special focus on employee-owned businesses and co-ops in the food and agriculture sectors. Cooperative Network will continue its work in the fields of health care, energy, and senior housing.

The grant was provided through USDA Rural Development's Rural Cooperative Development Grant program. Under this program, grants of up to $175,000 may be awarded to colleges, universities and non-profit groups to create and operate centers that help individuals or groups establish, expand, or operate rural businesses, especially cooperatives and mutually-owned businesses. In 2012, the Rural Cooperative Development Grant program funded 35 organizations in 24 states.

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