University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
Journal of Agricultural Cooperation

Title Socioeconomic and Technical Characteristics of New England Dairy Cooperative Members and Nonmembers
Author(s) Boris E. Bravo-Ureta and Tsoung-Chao Lee
Series Volume 3
Issue Date 1988
Abstract This paper compares socioeconomic and technical characteristics of dairy cooperative members and nonmembers based on a sample of New England dairy herd improvement association participants. Descriptive statistics indicate there is little difference between the two groups. A high proportion of members stated cooperatives were helpful primarily because they provide a safe or guaranteed market. Estimates of a Cobb-Douglas production function suggest membership in one specific cooperative was positively and significantly associated with average farm efficiency. Results of a logit analysis indicate the probability of being a cooperative member was positively related to extension contacts and negatively related to output per cow and per farm.

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