University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives
Journal of Agricultural Cooperation

Title The Place of the Cooperative in Our National Economy
Author(s) Edwin G. Nourse
Series Volume 7
Issue Date 1992
Abstract The place in the nation’s business logically marked out for the agricultural cooperative is primarily that of “pilot plant” and “yardstick” operation. Its objective is not to supersede other forms of business but to see that they are kept truly competitive.
Note Among the respected leaders and thinkers about cooperatives in the earlier half of this century, E. G. Nourse surely ranks near the top. Much of this philosophy of cooperation was summarized in a short article published by the American Institute of Cooperation in American Cooperation 1942 to 1946, pp. 33-39. This reprint makes more accessible this classic paper. Two retrospective commentaries by Joe Coffey and Ronald Cotterill address the relevance of this piece of the 1990s.
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